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The book blitz begins …

Due to be released in September 2016, you can now pre-order “A Fortunate Universe: Life in a Finely Tuned Cosmos”, by Geraint F. Lewis and Luke A. Barnes! Just visit Cambridge University Press, Amazon, The Book Depository, or Booktopia. An e-book will be released at about the same time, we’ve been assured.

While you’re at it, why not …



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I’m speaking as part of a panel on Sunday (29th May, 2016) at the Powerhouse Museum, as part of Sydney’s Vivid Festival. I’ll be joined by Dr. Vanessa Moss (CAASTRO/Univ. of Sydney), Dr. Ángel R. López-Sánchez (AAO/MQU) and Dr. Elizabeth Mannering (AAO/ICRAR), and our host is Dr. Alan R. Duffy (Swinburne University). It should be great!

The Story of Light: Deciphering the Data Encoded in the Cosmic Light

The information encoded in the light emitted by stars, gas, and galaxies provides the key for understanding the Universe.

For decades, astrophysicists have developed novel approaches to exploring the light of the Cosmos, most recently through data-intensive techniques, analytics and visualization tools to extract the information collected by extremely sensitive telescopes and instruments. Astronomers have been pioneers in developing data science techniques to make sense of this huge data deluge, many of which are now used in other areas.

In this event, four professional astrophysicists will discuss what astronomy provides in the context of exploiting big data:

  • The light and light-based technologies developed in Australian astronomy for both optical and radio telescopes; the tools, platforms, and techniques used for data analysis and visualization
  • How astronomers create simulation data
  • How some of these techniques are being used in other research areas and;
  • The major scientific contributions toward our understanding of the Universe.

Hear about the exciting challenges in detecting planets around other stars, learn about how galaxies form and evolve, what dark matter and dark energy are, how we search for extra-terrestrial life, and more. The the panel will happily answer any questions about the Universe, so bring yours along.


  • Dr. Vanessa Moss (CAASTRO/Univ. of Sydney)
  • Dr. Ángel R. López-Sánchez (AAO/MQU)
  • Dr. Luke Barnes (Univ. of Sydney)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Mannering (AAO/ICRAR)
  • Hosted by Dr. Alan R. Duffy (Swinburne University)

This event is presented by the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO).

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