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I’ve got a few talks upcoming in Sydney. Come and see the show!

2 August 2018, Sutherland Astronomical Society

Title: Following Light to the Beginning of the Universe
Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Location: Green Point Observatory, Oyster Bay
Free. (I think. Maybe a gold coin for tea and coffee). More details here.

Abstract: How do we know what the Universe is made of? And what shapes its parts into the stars, galaxies and clusters of galaxies that we see around us? Starting from the very early universe, I’ll discuss how the fundamental factors of our universe, its forces, particles, and the dynamical stage that they tread (space time), compete and cooperate to fashion the Universe today.

5 August 2018, St Mark’s Darling Point

Title: The Big Questions – Science and God
Time: 8am, 10am and 5:30pm
Location: 1 Greenoaks Ave, Darling Point NSW 2027
More details here.

10 August 2018, The Australian Botanic Garden (Mount Annan)

Event: Stars over the Garden

Come and enjoy the beautiful Garden under a starry sky! You will learn about Western and Aboriginal views of the night sky.

Dr Luke Barnes, astronomer at Western Sydney University will introduce you to the night sky over Mount Annan and the Macarthur Astronomical Society will bring out their telescopes so you can experience the best views. Our Aboriginal educators from Shared Knowledge will share their dreamtime stories about Australian sky and talk about how the visibility of certain star signs influences their lives.

If the weather permits you will have the opportunity to watch the stars and planets close up through the telescopes. A glass of wine will round up an amazing night experience.

Time: 4.45 pm-6.15 pm
Location: Narellan Road, Mount Annan 2567
Cost: $29.00 per person / Garden member $25.00. No walk-ins. Tickets must be purchased in advance here.

13 August 2018, St. Luke’s Clovelly

Title: The Big Questions – Science and God
Time: 7.45 for snacks, 8pm start
Location: Corner Arden St and Varna St, Clovelly (location)
More details here.

17 August 2018, Centennial Park

Event: Astronomy in the Park

Immerse yourself into a night of stargazing. Looking up we see the bright and the dark – explained by our scientists of the Sydney Observatory, and by our aboriginal educator who will share his stories about the sky with us. At our telescope station, you will have the chance to observe the sky and ask our scientists about the phenomena you discover.

Once you and your group have discovered the sky and the park, we will wind up the evening at a campfire where you can relax, reflect the stories you heard, and enjoy a night in the park under the stars.

Time: 5pm-7pm
Location: Wild Play Discovery Centre, Dickens Drive, Centennial Park
Cost: $29.00 adults / Children $15.00. Find more details and purchase tickets here.

21 August 2018, Narrabeen Baptist

Title: The Big Questions – Science and God
Time: 7:30pm – 9pm
Location: 13 Grenfell Ave, North Narrabeen (location)
More details here.


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