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Cricinfo inbox articles

For those who didn’t catch it: T. S. Trudgian has a nine-volume set of articles on Cricinfo purporting to demonstrate Why Australia can win the Ashes 5 – 0. Xavier Doherty a conspicuous omission.

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(N.b. Especially with this post, these remarks reflect views that belong to Berian and should not be taken to reflect the views of the co-authors of this blog, or of the institutions with which Berian is affiliated.)

There will be an Australian Federal Election on the 21st of August. For the first time, I am endorsing support for the Australian Greens, particularly in the Upper House, and in the strongest terms I can muster. Regrettably, this is equal measure endorsement of some of their policies and dis-endorsement of the policies of the two opposing parties. I would like to explain, briefly, why I think the Greens deserve support and why this election in particular is a good opportunity to vote for them.


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Horse meat down under

It’s time to re-read one of Matt’s old posts, as Perth (Australia) butcher Vince Garreffa gets the all clear from the state authorities to vend equus, apparently under threat of death from grossed-out locals, who believe that their own revulsion is an effective argument against sale of the meat. I won’t expect to hear a butcher espouse meat-free eating, so instead I’ll praise Garreffa’s admirable consistency (h/t Crikey!):

“If somebody told me that we were going to start eating Jack Russells tomorrow, I would be horrified. I love my Jack Russell… but hey, emotions are one thing.”

This is a good demonstration of one of only two logically consistent positions with regard to eating meat.

P.S. Election time! Remember to check your enrollment with the AEC!

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Some of you may not have realised that the majority of Matt’s blogging for LtN actually takes place in the comment threads to Crikey articles, where his writing invariably attracts spirited criticism. As a service to our international readers, we collate, with the lightest of editing, a recent intervention into Live-blogging as PM Kevin Rudd speaks in Copenhagen; the progenitor article is less substantive and interesting than the following commentary, so don’t worry about clicking through.

Cue Bogdanovist:


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The Civilised World

Joshua Gans informs us that, at long last, an Australian ISP will be offering broadband without a monthly bandwidth cap. Here is something interesting that he says regarding why it hasn’t happened already:

I had suspected an adverse selection issue whereby the small percent of very high users would migrate to the first mover causing them disproportionately large costs.

The cost is $100/month on a two-year contract. But if it works (and the PR for this company will be good if nothing else), I can imagine other ISPs offering the same service before long.

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