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My weekend reading

Links that make the world go round:

  • Sanford Schwartz in the NY Review of Books on the Belgian figurative artist Luc Tuymans;
  • Anne Enwright casts a restrained but not-quite-dispassionate eye across the moral carnage surrounding Iris Robinson;
  • Bernard Keane writes for Crikey on the possibility of a no-frills banking service through Australia Post;
  • In case you had forgotten, Keith Windschuttle believes that the history of indigenous Australia has been fabricated by, I don’t know, Robert Manne or something; the third volume of his epic revisionism, on the topic of the Stolen Generations in particular, has just been published and Windschuttle takes to the pages of The Australian to tell us more.
  • Manne and Windschuttle may deserve one another, but The Monthly >> Quadrant. Here is John Birmingham in the former regarding the existential malaise of New South Wales.
  • Amanda Ripley writes in The Atlantic about a determined investigation into what makes for great teaching at the primary and secondary level.
  • And for those with extra time up their sleeves, Yves Smith has plenty more to read.

Enjoy your Australian Open/Australia v. Pakistan ODI coverage. See you Monday!

– JBJ, Berkeley, CA


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