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Last week I was in Zurich Monday to Friday, & though we haven’t the pictures to prove it, Luke and I caught up for several chats and a lovely dinner at Europe’s oldest vegetarian restaurant, organised by my host, Katarina Kovač.

The Institute for Astronomy at ETH is cosseted in a marvellous new building whose floors run from D, through E (Erdgeschoß, the ground floor) all the way to K, which is one floor above the Institute. While I was there, a Nespresso machine was installed in their kitchen area. Alexis Finoguenov, the inspiration for my going to Zurich, took the train down from Munich and set upon us with ideas about the bias and correlation between galaxies*.

Science happened. Whiteboards were filled and emptied. I extolled at length my concerns about non-Gaussianity. Reams of Matlab script, rather different to Owen’s, appeared on my Macbook. Chunks of the Universe were loaded, manipulated, cleared. And this is the beginning of the project!

There is much to do.

* Or, as I am apt to say, sets of points that represent galaxies.

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